Learning in the Digital Age?

I attended a meeting today at our area service center, ESSDACK, and was pleasantly surprised to learn that my post from Learning in the Digital Age, "Let's have a little competition..." was making the rounds in the educational blog world!

Seems other people found those anonymous words profound also. How amazing is it that a few words can have a global impact on shaping opinion. But then again, isn't that what we do every day as educators? Shape opinions?

It appears to me that technology is a tool that lends itself best to helping influence how students view themselves and the possibilities for their own futures. When a student has access to technology it opens doors for them that may not have ever been opened, let alone dreamed of.

Technology is the great equalizer. My superintendent has been known to say, "technology makes even the poorest child rich." I would contend it also places the slowest child on equal footing with his/her peers and allows the shyest child to excel, impacting each learner in ways that paper and pencil simply cannot. The power of technology is not in the hardware or the software, but rather in the ways the hardware and software impact the learner on a personal level.

Learning in the Digital Age allows us as educators the opportunity shape opinion with other educators, but more importantly with our students!